Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Think, Create and Innovate.

Truly said by Einstien: "Creativity is contagious, pass it on". We unfeignedly believe his statement. 

We are living in a world where technology is marching ahead exponentially with time. The present trends in the fields of engineering and technology are substantial for the improvement in the quality of our lives. Getting updated with the rudimentary principles of different fields of engineering and technology is the need of the hour. In the era of fast developing world of technology there is something which puts an engineer ahead that makes his dreams true. This symposium sets a platform to improve awareness on emerging trends in the fields of engineering and technology. “INNOVISION'13” comprises of various tech and bizz events and competitions and various technical discussions that certainly enhances the competence and skill sets of an upcoming engineer.
The objective of the 3-day national techno-festival INNOVISION'13 is to focus on contemporary challenges in not only the fields of engineering and technology but also areas like entrepreneurship. It will provide a great opportunity for students to exchange their ideas and concepts about the recent developments in their specialized fields. This symposium also intends to help students broaden their horizon and perspective in academics.
All in all, the world needs a little more from you. It needs your intellect, your creativity and your imagination. So let's put a step forward to make this world better than ever. Let's think, create and innovate.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

INNOVISION: Mortal by Inception, Immortal by Innovation

INNOVISION- The annual techno-management fest of NIT Rourkela is a 3-day “technology” packed solemnization of science, technology and entrepreneurship. Born in 2004, INNOVISION has created a gamut of disciplines including management, science & engineering and design. Over the years, it has addressed the need to focus on innovation as an essential factor for progress of the country and betterment of the world.

Earlier known as CONFLUENCE, this brainchild of Technical Society of NIT Rourkela has surpassed 9 glorious years with peerless success in the area of science and technology and grown to be one of the biggest and most reputed technical-management festivals in India. The past times have seen assemblage of more than 10,000 students and participants at the campus of NIT Rourkela.

INNOVISION provides a magnetic platform which attracts the talent, skill and endowment of the youth and motivates them to ascertain the solution of the obstacles coming in the development of the society. With galaxy of events, dozens of workshops and a lot of activities, INNOVISION certainly unwraps the hidden talents inside of you. Over the last few years, it has been a junction where the trains of students, academicians, and industrial giants have assembled under one roof.

Be it an army of robots doing your every bidding, the world of racing, prodigious structures or the vanguard technology, it furnishes ample of opportunities to relive the joy of technology. The techno-ambiance of NIT Rourkela makes an amalgamated volcano for the die-hard tech-freaks/technology enthusiasts and engineering lovers from all over India. It allures the youth and the industry to build a refined place for innovation and engineering dead on target. With each passing year, the competition level and the number of participants has increased manifold, and so is the grandeur and intricacies of the competition.

So it’s the time of the year, it’s the time to think, it’s the time to come out of the nerdy world, it’s time to make your vision immortal because INNOVISION'13 is all set to aspirate the grey matter inside of you.